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Hi, I am Duan Minh, owner of "Chinese zodiac encyclopedia" and an astrologer with 20+ years of experience in Chinese astrology, Divination, the Luni-Solar Calendar and Eastern Philosophy in general. Welcome to my site!

I aim in helping people using the wisdom of the Eastern Zodiac. I am a Master astrologer here in - I also teach in OSCA, an online School of Chinese astrology established back in 2007.

I am also the author of the online best seller "Creating the Ultimate Chinese Horoscope Protection Shield". A powerful and free spiritual e-book downloaded over 1.000.000 times since 2007...


In our main "Chinese Horoscope site" you can discover lots of FREE and valid information about Chinese astrology, the 12 zodiac signs-animals, the 5 Universal Elements, the secret Chinese signs, the Moon House and a lot more. All for free.

You will also find a whole section about Children's Astrology. Also, a section dedicated to the 12 Gem-stones of Eastern astrology, the 12 Magical Flowers, the Sacred Symbols of the Chinese zodiac system, the Magical Numbers etc. Zodiac Compatibility information is also there.

Through our main site which we call "Chinese Astrology Encyclopedia" you can download (totally free) my e-book about the Protection Shield. A great and smart way to drive negativity away while discovering more about your spiritual side...


Me (Duan Minh) & the awesome team of maintain a unique free members ares to the lucky ones who will subscribe. It is packed with lots of bonuses, extras and rear stuff from the Eastern philosophy.

Use our insight for your own benefit! Stay away from negativity and inconvenient circumstances. Become a member of our free members area today. Learn more in our main Chinese astrology site...

For maximum protection, learn to draw my spiritual invention, the Protection Shield, with mathematical instruments like a ruler or a protractor. Only 1 person out of 1000 who draw the shield, is interested in drawing it perfectly with the right drawing tools.


We also maintain a Chinese zodiac blog - marketplace. This is a Chinese style blog with great offers and it definitely deserves your attention!

If you search this "Chinese Style Blog" well enough, you will find secret information, links with discounts, one-time offers and a lot more.

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We are technology lovers and this is why we also maintain a site just for users who access the internet with mobile devices. Normally when you type our domain name on a mobile browser you will automatically be redirected to the mobile version of our site...

In the mobile version you can find basic information about Chinese astrology, how to find your Chinese Sign and Universal Element and more...

Please feel free to sign up for our free members area and you will find unique items that it is difficult to find somewhere else. You can access our free members area from our mobile site too. Start from our main site.


Moreover, we have developed a version of our site just for kids. Our purpose for this "Children's Website" is to help youngsters and their parents to familiarize themselves with Chinese Astrology and Eastern Philosophy in general.

In our "Children's Site" you can create a mini astrological profile for people up to 17 years old. Just enter your birth details and wait for the astro-profile to appear.

As an ever-growing site we aim on reaching more people. As a result we have a version of our site in Simplified Chinese and a whole new and striving website just for people speaking Greek. We will soon support more languages like German!



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Our main goal here in is to help in the awakening of people which is happening as we speak. You can benefit if you read the tons of free info provided by our various sites and pages. You can sign up for our free members area and more...). You can socialize with us on facebook or Youtube. You can follow me, Master Duan Minh on Twitter!

Discover more of your inner self with the power of Chinese Astrology. It will open your eyes and heart to the heavens. We hope you enjoy what our site(s) have to offer.-


Duan Minh &

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